Tiger IT Foundation is a sister concern of Tiger IT Bangladesh Limited, which is a global provider of biometric-based, large-scale solutions. The company has undertaken projects of massive scale in both the public and the private sector, not only in Bangladesh, but also worldwide, and is the largest among the leading IT firms in Bangladesh.

Improving the socio-economic conditions of the country through a never-ending, perpetual process that drives and initiates innovation.

Tiger IT Foundation, a wholly non-profit organization, was born to address the challenges pervading the sectors of healthcare, education and community development both in Bangladesh and across the globe by developing, supporting and investing in technological initiatives that will identify and solve the problems that stand in the path of progress.

By introducing innovative technological innovations, we aim to create and facilitate better access to essential services such as healthcare, education, employment and transportation, promoting real participation and inclusion for all, and reducing economic inequality and local displacement.

The goals our organization strives to achieve have been designed to align with the United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2019.

Good Health and Well-being
Quality Education
Clean Water and Sanitation
Decent work and economic growth
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Among our other ventures is included our inaugural Tiger Challenge 2019.

Launched in 2019 in collaboration with MIT Solve, the Tiger Challenge, a global platform, sought for innovations that are disruptive, sustainable, human-centered and inclusive. The Tiger Challenge is a testament to our commitment to help dedicated individuals achieve their dreams, dreams which envision developing innovations that stimulate socio-economic transformations around the world, and that address hyper-local needs and beyond, to help usher in a future where innovations are not a rarity but are the norm. Moreover, the Challenge aims to be a scope that can create quality employment opportunities in Bangladesh by making the local workforce accessible to high tech companies, and to encourage foreign investment in the country.


Please email info@tigeritfoundation.org. See www.tigeritfoundation.org/challenge for more details regarding Tiger Challenge 2019. See challenge for more details regarding Tiger Challenge 2019.